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This now famous play  by Hedley Burton about war, hope and human struggle will be re-mounted in November.

When:  November 7, 2018 at 7:30 pm

Where:  The Mountain View Center for The Performing Arts.

Please view this flyer:  Publication37f



Adults and Teens are invited to a Michaelmas Festival in San Francisco

We will share profound ideas about this important festival by reading a play together, conversing, exploring the meaning of comets, greeting friends who are aware of the deep significance of this festival.  Music!  Snacks!

Where:  The San Francisco Waldorf High School.  470 W. Portal Ave, San Francisco

When:  Sunday, September 30 between 3pm and 5pm.

Our Website is Back Up!

We would like to apologize to the anthroposophic community of California, as our website,, has been down for several months.  We had been using a low-cost server, and it appears that our website was subject to a type of cyber attack that left the site electronically muddled and inaccessible for quite some time, befuddling tech helpers at over three organizations.

We are happy to announce that finally, we have successfully managed to transfer the site to a new hosting company which will provide better protection for the website as well as faster load times.  There are still a few visual glitches that await correction, but the site is fully functional.  Many new integrations have been put in place to ensure that the site will continue to function well.  In addition, several members have joined a group administering the website.  The new hosting service costs $300 per year, and we are welcoming contributions to help cover this cost.  If you are able, please send a check to Susan Overhauser at 3468 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite B203, Lafayette, CA 94549, or through PayPal to [email protected]  We are all very grateful for your contributions!

We could also use a few volunteers to help ensure that the information and links on the website are still current.  We could use one volunteer each for the Groups page, the Schools page, the Services page, the Links page, the More Links Page, and the Anthroposophy page.  For the Groups and Schools and Services pages, this would involve contacting each entity to ensure that the information is still accurate.  For the Links and More Links pages, this would simply involve testing all the links and reporting which links are broken, and, if possible, find corrected links.

If you are willing to volunteer to help ensure the information is up to date on this website, please contact us using our contact page.  Thank you so much!

Bringing Light during 12 Nights

The coordinating group of the Bay Area Branch of the Anthroposophical Society invites members to consider hosting a seasonal gathering in your home between December 26 – January 6. This could be an artistic event (such as poetry reading or music), or leading a discussion about something you have recently studied, or a topic relevant to the season. Such a gathering might serve as the seed around which some geographically close Anthroposophists could find each other and develop community. Please contact Leslie Murchy for more information at [email protected]

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