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Kaspar Hauser-Protector of Human Spirituality in the Face of Evil

The Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Anthroposophical Society will sponsor a two-day presentation by KASPAR HAUSER WEST II on the mystery of the being Kaspar Hauser. Both Eckart Böhmer and Richard Steel will give a series of lectures. There will also be a dramatic reading, stories, poems and singing. March 29-31 at the Paloma Hall, 4096 Fairway Drive, Soquel, CA. For more information, visit:

A Collaborative Workshop for Waldorf High School Teachers, February 17 – 19

Getting Out of Their Way:
Fostering Creativity, Imagination and Initiative in Today’s Waldorf High School Students

What does it mean to an adolescent to be creative? How can we, as teachers, make the space and mood to foster creativity? If given the chance, will our students take the initiative to let their imaginations roam and bring to life ideas never before thought?

Joan Caldarera and Jon McAlice will lead morning sessions exploring aspects of inner development, individuality and presence in adolescents. Afternoons will be focused on practices for increasing self-directed activity in the various disciplines.

It is possible that now we are called to challenge the students, provide the materials they need—and then to get out of their way as they discover the world for themselves. What would it look like in our classrooms if we were advisors, not evaluators; if our students acted as peer reviewers and “graded” each other? If failure were seen as just another possibility on the way to understanding? If teachers and students actively engaged the unknown—together?

February 17-19, 2019

Sunday-Tuesday, 9am-4pm

Summerfield Waldorf School

Cost: $150 includes snack and lunch


For information contact Beth: [email protected]

A collaborative workshop for Waldorf teachers sponsored by:

San Francisco Waldorf School

Waldorf School of the Peninsula

Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm

February 3 – Community Gathering – Bay Area Anthroposophy

A Special Community Gathering: The Present Moment

3:00 – 5:00 pm  – SF Waldorf High School

You are invited to share in the first of several community gatherings around
themes that concern us the Present Moment:
Who are we as a people?
Who am I as an individual in this present time?
Themes to explore:
Can we find community in a time of deep concern about political, social,
economic, spiritual uncertainty?
Can we find humanity in a time of mechanization in all spheres of life, including thinking?
What is the Threefold Commonwealth and can we strive towards attaining it?  Can I find the good?

We ask that you consider sharing with the group, for 5 minutes, a concern that you prepare in advance of the gathering. You will be asked to sign-in on a list of those who would like to speak. We will time ourselves!  We will also break out into groups that would like to develop and “carry” a theme to be presented in future Present Moment gatherings.
We sincerely hope to see you soon

The San Francisco Waldorf High School
470 West Portal Avenue
San Francisco, CA

House of Hope: Waldorf Education in the West Bank

January 16 – Wednesday

7:00 pm

The San Francisco Waldorf School and reGeneration present:

Manar Vosgueritchian is educational director for the House of Hope, an aspiring Waldorf school in the West Bank. Manar is studying Waldorf education at the David Yellin Academic College of Education in West Jerusalem. She is a seasoned art and music therapy provider for children experiencing toxic stress and trauma and a seasoned practitioner of Nonviolent Communication.

reGeneration is an American interfaith non-profit organization that advances peacebuilding through innovative approaches to early childhood education.

This event takes place in the Eurythmy Room at the SFWS Grade School Campus

2938 Washington Street (at Divisadero)

Parking is limited neighborhood parking. Muni lines 1, 3 and 24 accessible.

Click here to download a flier.
For more information, please visit:  or watch this video:



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